Deadlines Input Box

The story or epic can have one or more Deadlines to meet. The earliest deadline (also called the Effective Deadline) determines when the story or epic has to be completed. If this deadline is not met, warnings will be shown on the story or epic card and overview.

“Required When” Deadline

In the Required When field a specific deadline date for this story or epic can be entered.

Deadline from Milestone or Release

If the deadline is related to an event or if more stories or epics must meet the same deadline date, then a milestone with a deadline should instead be created. A story or epic can be linked to the milestone from the Relations tab.

A Release is also a milestone with a deadline. Planning a story or epic to a release will therefore also mean that the story or epic must meet the deadline of the release.

Inherited Deadline

If an epic has deadlines, any story detailing this epic will inherit the effective epic deadline as one of the story’s deadlines. It will also become the effective deadline of the story, unless the story has other earlier deadlines to meet.