Jira Status

Story with Jira Issue

This story has been delegated to a Jira project. It means that a Jira Issue with the title and a merge of the userstory and description from this story has been created in Jira.

NB: General information about Agemba-Jira integration can accessed here

The Delegation Status shows the status of the sync process of the Agemba story with the corresponding Jira Issue. Delegation Status can be:

  • Pending – Indicates that the delegation process i.e creation of a corresponding Jira Issue for the Agemba story  is not yet complete.
    NB: This status should not be interpreted to mean that the process failed or succeeded.
  • Synced – Indicates that syncing with corresponding Jira Issue is active and the state of the Agemba story will be in sync with the status of the corresponding Jira Issue.
  • Syncing Failed – Indicates that syncing failed and the Agemba story will not be in sync with the corresponding Jira Issue.
  • Unsynced– Indicates that syncing between the Agemba story and the corresponding Jira Issue was deliberately stopped by the system, either because it was determined as completed i.e set to ‘Closed’ during syncing or as a consequence of canceling Circle syncing with Jira project altogether.
  • Unknown Jira Status – Indicates that mapping of the Agemba story’s state to the read status of the corresponding  Jira Issue failed. The reason could very likely be that the JIra Status Map configuration on the Circle level was not setup correctly.
  • Corrupted – Indicates that either the delegation or syncing process of the Agemba story failed because its data was corrupted.
  • Uknown – Indicates that the system encountered a situation that was not anticipated during either delegation or syncing of the Agemba story.

Change of state

Change of state to e.g. “In Progress”, “Done” etc. must now be handled in Jira. The state of the Agemba story is updated accordingly by the system based on the Jira Status Map configured as part of Jira configuration at the Circle level.