Original Value Estimates Overview

When the alh-replace:typeepic/alh-replace is switched to accumulate value, its original value estimates are preserved and can be used to compare with the accumulated value.

Read more about the general principles of Value estimation here.


Value Estimate

The original value estimate is the quantification of how much value is obtained by completing this alh-epic/alh-replace


Value is estimated with both an expected and worst-case estimate. The expected is the realistic estimate of the work needed with 50% certainty (it  should not be confused with an optimistic best-case estimate). The worst-case estimate with a 90% certainty. The worst-case value estimate will always be less than the expected estimate.

Uncertainty of Value Estimate

Uncertainty is the distance between expected and worst-case effort in percentage. The higher the difference between the two, the higher the uncertainty. Read more about working with uncertainties.