Welcome to agemba freebie version

Welcome to agemba – a system that gives you complete transparency into your Agile and Lean work and provides you with a platform for agile collaboration.

In this freebie version, you can create a single project (also called a Circle) along with a limited number of fellow users. You can start with functionally breaking down your project in Folders or Epics using the Storymap Tree or Outline. You can create a Roadmap with the most important deadlines of the project. In the Dashboard you will always be able to follow the progress of your project or see lists of stories that you are assigned to. In the Product Backlog you can focus on planning your stories in releases. And for each Story or Epic you can have a dialog about the details with your fellow users in the Comments tab.

Note that some features such as tactical planning in sprints, issue tracking, working with teams, etc. are not available in the freebie version.

To update to a full version, which will allow these mentioned features, support for more users and multiple projects and relations between these, please contact the support team