Why use teams

Why use Teams – what is their function?

With Teams, you can:

  • Add user rights to users within circles. For instance, decide whether the user can edit stories, close sprint plannings, etc. Instead of specifying the rights for each user, you can add the user to a team with defined user rights. All members of the team will then receive these rights. Note: An alternative way to add user rights is to apply User Right Groups to teams/users.
  • Assign stories and issues to a team. During the workflow of a story, different people may be responsible for the next step (i.e., write the story or issue, estimate the story, implement it, etc.)  You can therefore assign the story to the person responsible for the next step. If a group of people is responsible, you can assign the story to a team of users. All persons in the team will be notified in an email if they are assigned to stories via a team.
  • Mention a team in story comments. When you mention a user or a team in a story/issue comment (by writing, e.g., @sales), all users in the team will be notified about the comment in a mail. Depending on the configuration, one or all team members must acknowledge having read the comment.

For each team, these features can be enabled/disabled. Deprecated teams can be deactivated.

Managing teams and circle users

More about assigning stories and mentioning teams

Teams with user rights

Teams can optionally be used to grant circle user rights to users. To choose whether or not a team membership should do so, set the User Rights Type for the team (which reflects the needed user licenses).

If you choose Has Guest License user rights, then the team can grant user rights to its team members within the scope of the Guest license. This means that all users with either a Guest license or a Standard license can become a member of this team.

If you choose Has Guest and Standard License user rights, then the team can grant all available user rights to its team members users, however, only users with a Standard license can become a member of this team.

If you choose Team does not add any rights to user, then the team will not grant any user rights to its team members – user rights will then be set up individually for the users.

When a team grants user rights, this is often done by selecting one or more user rights groups for the team (but individual rights can also be selected for the team). Team members will then be granted the total set of user rights from the selected user rights groups and individual rights selected.