Working with user personas and objectives improved

In the latest Agemba update, working with user personas and objectives has now been improved.

User Personas

User personas (i.e. stakeholders / customers) can now be structured in folders like stories. When a user persona has an interest relation to one or more stories, its state will reflect the progress of the stories (Not Started, In Progress or Done). Alternatively, it is also possible to work with a Draft user persona or set it as inactive, if there is no reason to focus on it at the moment.

A relation between a story and a user persona is a so called “Interest relation”. This means that the given story is of interest to that user persona. It is now possible to mark these relations with Kano or Must have to highlight if a story if perhaps a must have to a specific customer segment (and maybe not a must have for some other customer segment). These relations can also be viewed in a matrix for better overview.


When working with objectives or risks, it is now possible to not only set a value for the objective, but also to classify the objective as a Must Have or some other Kano class.